Video Slots

Video slots are the game that has become the center of attraction in most casinos. With the advent of the internet, came the concept of online casinos offering numerous online games for you to try out, like video slots.

Video slots are referred to by different names across the world like video fruit machines in Britain and video poker in Australia. There are also some hand video slot machines called one-armed bandit for its appearance and because it can leave the gamer penniless after a few games.

Differences between video slots and regular slots

Video slots are similar to regular slots found in land based casinos. The only difference is that instead of the traditional three spinning wheels, there is a video display with five reels.

Moreover, they come with enhanced graphics and audio and video effects you donít find in three-reel slots. This in fact, gives you a much better playing experience when playing slots. While three-reel slots have a single pay line, video slots can have as many as nine pay lines, giving you a better chance of winning at the game.

There are also some special features in video slots, which you canít find in traditional slots like various other symbols like multipliers, wild symbols and scatter symbols, games with bonus screens and a feature where players can try doubling or quadrupling their winnings at the risk of their entire win.

Different types of video slots

There are two types of video slots; straight and progressive slots. With straight slots, you have determined jackpot payouts which are dependent on the payout schedule of the machine.

However, in the case of a progressive slot machine, there are jackpots connected to a bank of machines, a carousal of machines or even different machines in different casinos.

The progressive jackpot has electric boards attached to it, and tends to increase everyday, with each slot machine found in the group. If lucky, you may get to play your video slots on progressive slots that reach extremes in payment ranging from several thousands to millions of collars.

There are also many online casinos that offer other variations in video slots like 4-reel slot machine, fruit machine, 3-reel slot machine and 5-reel slot machine. The more reels in a machine, you find that the odds of the game tends to increase too. One of the most successful forms of video slots is the nickel slot. This is a game that has helped casino owners earn millions in earnings.

Tips to win at video slots

To help you choose your video slots machines, you have to look at its pay table to see the winning combinations before playing. This is sometimes found in other screens, and though more complex than three slots pay tables, easy to understand.

When playing video slots, it is important that you know the difference between coin size and number of coins, to win at the game. This is because in some games, you can choose to bet a certain number of coins per line.

This is where players have to decide on the coin size to play, the number of pay lines to activate and how many coins to be played in a line. With the maximum number of lines and coins, a player can make a bet that adds up to 45 coins per spin, making the odds of winning much better.

Make sure you read the notes of the video slots machine carefully. This is because there are some slots machines that carry rules stating that winning combinations will be paid only if it occurs in reels 1 or 5 and not from 2, 3 and 4.

Tips for choosing a video slots machine to play

There are thousands of type of video slots for you to choose from to try out your luck at; however not all types are equal. Generally, the bigger is the jackpot; the lower is the chance of your winning it.

This is why, it is better to choose video slots offering good payouts below the top prize. Remember that mid level jackpots usually hit frequently and can give you entertainment for the money you put in.

However, the worst payout percentages are found in progressive video slots as a percentage of every bet is added to this jackpot. With this, a 95% machine drops to a 90% machine, or sometimes lower. This is why, it is better to play at progressive slots only with winnings from other games, and not your hard earned money.

Basically, it is better to look at all the slot banks and compare games before you settle down to play video slots in an online casino. This is so that you can choose the type of slots machine you like, and play at such machines such as if you like free spins, you can choose games with best free spin feature and if you like bonus screen games, you could choose video slots offering the best bonuses. This will help you get the best value for your money.