Slots Odds, the Slots is no Wonder the Biggest Contributor to a Casino

One of the many popular gambling games is the slots. Slots are available in both online and traditional casinos, and are by far, the most widely played game in a casino. In fact, it is even more popular than poker and roulette, mainly because of its attractive lights and the lovely sound of coins falling into buckets.

However before one starts playing the slots, it is better that you understand its functioning. The first thing to remember is that these machines don’t accept pennies. It has slots that accept dollar, five, tens and twenty dollar bills. On feeding this money into the machine, it is converted into credit, wherein you can start trying out your luck in winning at slots odds.

In addition to this, there are many casinos that give paper vouchers instead of those lovely buckets of coins. These vouchers can be cashed either at the cashier, or a machine that resembles an ATM. Though this is convenient, it comes without the clanging sounds of coins.

Slots odds depends on the virtual reel of machines

It is basically depending on how the virtual reel of the machine is set that slots odds is determined. In other words, the odds of hitting an image on the reel depends on the number of virtual stops related to the actual stop.

This is because in a typical slot machine, the jackpot stop of a reel conforms to one virtual stop. So if the chance of hitting a jackpot image on a reel is 1 in 64, then the slots odds of hitting the jackpot image on all three reels amounts to 64 x 64 x 64. The more reels there are, the higher will be the slots odds.

The slots odd are also increased with the losing blank stops found above and below the jackpot are usually more Virtual than other images. This means that the player is most likely to hit these blank spots found near the winning stop, thus creating the image that the player had just missed the jackpot. It is this slots odds that encourage them to try their luck again at slots.

Look at the percentage payout of the slots machine

Generally, slots machines are designed following a payback percentage where this percentage is the percentage of money that is put into the machine that will be returned to the player. So if the payback percentage of the casino is 91%, it means that the casino keeps 9% of the money that is put into the machine, while the remaining 91% is given way as slots winnings.

The minimum playback percentage, according to gambling jurisdictions is usually around 75%. However to attract customers, most casinos offer a higher range, somewhere between 90 – 97%.

Casinos cannot change slots odds

Many people believe a myth about slot machines, that the casino can change slot odds just with the press of a button. However, this is not as easy as thought as though slots odds are set by computer chips found in the slot machine, changing the chip is a difficult process as the casino has to undergo lots of paperwork for this.

Similarly, there is no way for the slots machines to loosen up to increase slots odds. There is no way for the machines to pay more the longer you play on the machine. This is because whenever you play slots, the machine always gives a new random number. This means your slots odds are equal every time you pull the handle.

There are many ways for you to try to win the slots odds in a casino as there are machines with variable number of reels and there are machines with multiple pay lines. Those with multiple pay lines determine how many lines you can play where the single line across the reel is the minimum bet.

The more you put in, the higher is your slots odds

The more money you put into the machine, the more lines you can play above or below the horizontal line, to increase your slots odds. The only way you can try out your luck in the maximum jackpot is by making the maximum bet for the machine. This is why the slots odds are always better when players bet the maximum.

Your slots odds also depend on the type of slot machine you try your luck at. The payout amount of the standard flat top machine never changes while in a progressive machine, jackpot payout increases with players putting in more money into the machine. It is only when a person wins the jackpot does it reset to a new starting value.

So it can be said that it is rather difficult to find out which casino or slots machines offers the best slots odds. It is up to you to put in some money, take a seat and to try out your luck at winning some money in the wonderful world of slot machines. However, in a bid of winning at slots odds make sure you don’t end up at odds with your bank account.