How to Win at Super Slots

There is basically no formula to follow to win at super slots. However, there are some strategies that can be employed to get a better win than expected while playing super slots. Of the many ways you can improve your winning chances, money management, selection of the right online casino and being able to read slot machines are the most important.

Remember that there are many versions of super slots machines for you to choose from, with different rules. This is why, you have to read instructions and rules on the machines before you actually start investing money on them.

Money management is important for a win

Money management is important to win at super slots. Remember that you have to spend money to play super slots. Though the game is entertaining, without the right money management, you may end up in financial loss.

This is why; you have to know where you financially stand when playing super slots. It is generally better to start playing some free super slots games for practice.

You will never be able to win at super slots if you don’t know how to stick to your limits. Never get tempted to exceed the amount of money you have set aside for a game, for a fixed length of time.

Once you find that you have not won anything, and have already reached your limit, don’t be foolish to put more money in for the game. Instead, just walk away thinking this is your unlucky night and try to win at super slots some other time, when you can afford it.

Choose your sites wisely

There are some sites where you can play for free, while the slots machines record your contributions and earnings just as you would if you were playing with real money. This gives you an idea of how you play, and if you lose or win money while playing super slots.

The different games in super slots offer different bonuses and promotions to choose from. You can use the free money the sites offer to try and win at super slots. It is always better to choose the casinos offering first time customer bonuses, comps and giveaways as they help you win at super slots.

Choose the online casino that offers the best signup bonus for most money that helps offset your potential losses. There are also some casinos that offer creating amounts of money for playing a fixed amount of time on slots machines. So scout and ask around for the best offers in online casinos, so that you get the best win at super slots.

Single payline machines are better for long plays

If you intend to play for a longer time at your slots machine throughout the evening and not eliminate your chances for a win at super slots, then it will be better for you to stick to a single payline machine.

This is because these games are generally cheaper to play where you get to save money in the long run. Moreover, every time you roll here, you are made eligible for the jackpot.

When playing slots, always bet the maximum number of paylines so that you have a better chance at winning the jackpot. Don’t always think that the fastest slot machines are the best for you to try to win at super slots. Always read the paytable of the machine and check its pay percentage before you start trying out your luck at super slots.

Choose the slots machines offering best payout percentages

Obviously, it is better to play slots machines that offer the highest payout percentages. This payout percentage usually lies between 70 to 98%, where the higher it is, the better is your chance at winning.

If you don’t find the payout percentage on the paytable, chart or any other obvious part of the machine, you could look for it in the help section of the online casino.

Look and compare the payout percentages of different super slots machines of different online casinos. This is to ensure that you choose the machine offering the best and highest payout percentage for your best win at super slots.

Use the standard deviation strategy to win at super slots

One of the tactics to use to win at super slots is average deflection slots strategy. This involves a technique to find out what spins the slots machine is likely to yield to give you a win. With practice, you don’t need a calculator to calculate this as it can be done quickly in your head.

The first step in this strategy lies in choosing a slot machine that offers ‘equal ratio’ play where all slots games offer the equal percentages of payouts for all the levels of play. This works only on slot machines that offer this type of payout percentage structure.

Wit the help of standard deviation strategy, you can calculate the ‘standard deviation’ of the number of spins found in between wins. You have to record the number of spins you require to get a win at super slots, and repeat this cycle for about ten times.

When you record this for about ten wins, you get the average of all the numbers, and this will be the standard deviation of the game. However though this may not work all times, it will definitely give you the edge you will need to ensure that you play with the best chances of winning.

With all these tips and strategies in mind, you find that it is much faster and easier for you to try and record a win at super slots. Try them out, and reap the enhanced results!