Five Reel Slots

The 5 reel slots machines are similar to the three reel slots machines; the only difference lies in the fact that these machines have five separate spinning reels in the machine. The reason for this improvement is based on the fact that more is always better than less.

A win in a five reel slot machine is determined on where the reels come to a stop. Like most casino games, the five reel slots game had its debut in the land of land based casinos of US.

And it is its great popularity that has lead to the concept of online slots machines that anyone with an internet connection and a computer, from any where in the world can play comfortably from their homes.

A better chance of winning in five reel slots

Five reel slots is an enhanced version of three reel slots which are comparable to progressive slots. The graphics and huge jackpot wins of five reel slots make it all the better to try out your luck at a game of five reel slots.

When playing five reel slots, you find that it offers numerous gaming features like in-game features, payouts and jackpot levels. In addition to this, five reel slots offer a wide range of multi-pay lines that range from basic 5-line gaming to 25 line super slots that offer huge payouts.

Let it be known that multi pay lines in five reel slots mean a variety of payouts; so ensure that you make it a habit of reading pay tables of the machines before spinning the reels.

More coins give a better chance in winning

It is quite natural for a new player of five reel slots to play with only one coin with which a single pay line gets activated. However, you will find that the hardcore gamblers tend to use more coins when playing, so that they have a better winning combination.

There is a wide range of five reel slots games for you to choose from which range from 1,000 to 15,000 with individual features. These features include multipliers, free spins, wild symbols, bonus options, a variety of pay lines and a chance to win double wins.

There are also quite a few types of progressive five reel slot machines available for you to try out your luck in.  This is not possible in three reel slots as the machines don’t have the room for this.

Advantage of five reel slots

The advantage of five reel slots over three reel slots is that there are more reels for you to try out. It is because the software used in five reel slots can add more configurations to the players’ spins, symbols and winning lines. This in turn makes the game more interesting and exciting to the player.

Moreover in the case of five reel slots, the lines tend to criss cross and in the process, offer you a much better chance in getting a win horizontally or diagonally. In fact, it is also possible for you to bet $0.01 in five reel slots which when bet across multiple lines, reaches an amount of $2.50. The bonus rounds in five reel slots give you a chance in winning more money.